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Tilami rolling backpack is a revolutionary wheeled bag designed specifically for school use, and is sturdy, ergonomic and practical. It was designed by parents who got tired of seeing their children carry too much weight in their backpacks, and of badly designed wheeled bags that break easily long before the school year is over.

  1. Protect His/Her Back: Students can sometimes trip and fall over the bags, which are pulled around like luggage. And many school lockers aren't big enough for many of the larger bags.Hoisting them on and off is awkward, uncomfortable, and rarely graceful. Backpacks with wheels can handle this problem with ease, lessen his/her back pain.
  1. Long-term health benefits: Many young spirits may have the willingness to push through the back pain in the present. But the damage we do to our backs could cause us pain in the future. As books get heavier and sleep gets shorter in the school years, it is more crucial than ever to make the extra effort for their well being by using a rolling backpack.
  1. Big storage capacity: With large multi-compartment design can hold more belongings, save your shoulders effortlessly.
  1. Multiple Pockets Design: Organize necessary stuffs with the differently sized pockets, plenty room for books, binders, keys, cellphone, wallet and so on. Padded laptop compartment fits device probably.
  1. Fashion Design & Colors: Remarkable patterns and impressive designs are Tilami's main features, durable high quality polyesteris used. And its suitable size for all major US airlines.