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Children can begin using Roller as soon as they have too much weight to carry to school (more than 10% of their body weight), this usually happens around 7 years of age although it will greatly depend on the school. For the benefits, check below:

1, Health Benefits

Doctors recommend that children not carry more than 10% of their body weight in their backpacks, due to the back problems that this could contribute to in the long run, but as parents we know that they consistently exceed this limit. To top it off, kids like to wear their backpacks too low on their backs, or hanging only from one strap, and this bad posture multiplies the possible consequences on the health of their backs.

Tilami collaborates with various Physiotherapist Associations in USA as it promotes healthy habits in children and helps to avoid possible injuries due to carrying too much weight in their backpacks.

2, Practicality
With more than 38 liters (10 gallons) of total storage space, it´s easy to fit everything children need for school in a Roller. The multiple compartments will help kids to keep everything organized and well in sight.The laptop pocket accessory is ideal for children who need to carry portable computers to school.
  • Large capacity.can take 4pcs 1 inch binders
  • Main pocket : inside have a laptop pocket.15 inch laptop
  • Mediun pocket:inside have a ipad pocket,special soft linning
  • Prodect ipad.
  • Top front pocket :small pocket for glasses.also special soft linning.
  • Small front pocket:for pencil and accessory
  • Side pocket : for bottle or umbrellas or shoes.
  • Hook:for key and name card or elso

3, Durability
Roller has passed strenuous durability testing to make sure they are built to last. The rigid construction and bottom polipropilene protector keeps the fabric and contents of the bag from being damaged. The telescopic handle is made of sturdy aluminum.