Tilami rolling backpack is a revolutionary wheeled bag designed specifically for school use, and is sturdy, ergonomic and practical. It was designed by parents who got tired of seeing their children carry too much weight in their backpacks, and of badly designed wheeled bags that break easily long before the school year is over. Children could begin using Roller as soon as they have too much weight to carry to school (more than 10% of their body weight), this usually happens around 7 years of age although it will greatly depend on the school.


Why Choose an Tilami Rolling Backpack?

  • Health: ROLLING BACKPACK helps kids to avoid possible injuries due to carrying too much weight in their backpacks
  • Practicality: With more than 38 liters (10 gallons) of total storage space, it´s easy to fit everything children need for school in a Roller. The multiple compartments will help kids to keep everything organized and well in sight.The laptop pocket accessory is ideal for children who need to carry portable computers to school
  • Large capacity
  • Unique Patterns and Colors:  We get our patterns designs from young designer form all of the world to make sure they are unique and absolutely current.
  • Durable Canvas
  • Quality Construction